Everyone knows that the best way to woo a geek is through that beautiful science. Beautiful, creative science pick up lines. These aren't the same ones you hear every day in the Chemistry department. Show your geeky love. We'll teach you how.

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You make me feel like sinigrin, when I’ve always been told I’m sinalbin.

I promise to never cause hydrolysis of your glucosinolates and leave you bitter.

Why don’t you pretend that I’m TRPA1, and put me under some mechanical stress.

Just looking at you, I know no one else could be as strong a lacrimator.

Be the myrosinase to my sinigrin, and make me into the person you know I can be.

If you’re CALM1, I want to be calcium and be bound to you.

Unlike capsaicin, I don’t have to take you orally to increase my body heat.

Like capsaicin, with your reputation I expected you to burn. I never thought you might take my pain away.

Be careful, or your hotness may activate my TRPV1.

They must have based the third law of thermodynamics on you, because you remind me of a perfect crystal and the chills you give me make it feel like it’s absolute zero kelvin in here.

You and I compliment each other like CCMs and RuBisCO.